Watercolour Painting

Through my own experience - I have discovered the ability to paint just by the need to heal from Life's journey.

It has always been a great passion of mine to assist HIV/AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe, my country of birth, by providing them with the things we take for granted in the first world. Things such as food, medicine, education, and most importantly the ability to be self-sufficient and yet feel part of the community.

The conditions that these children endure is heart-breaking, yet I'm always amazed at and humbled by their happy souls and their ability to find joy in the simplest of pleasures.

They are always polite, cheerful, so grateful for the little they have, and so spirited.

My daughter has the same passion for the underpriveleged and being an avid traveller and 'camera happy'

has supplied me with endless material to paint.

My son David, who, together with Ashleigh have been a tremendous support to me throughout our lives, have combined our three gifts together which has resulted in paintings that have been donated, to raise money for those less fortunate children in Zimbabwe.

To date I have sent over 200 solar lamps to put light into the lives of children and elderly nuns through this artwork.

Locally I have donated my paintings to the Sexual Violence Shelter in Southport and Burleigh in Pink for breast cancer.

Through the support of the Lions Club we have been able to supply and fit a pump for a bore hole in the Chivhu district to provide children with clean drinking water.

I hope to use my website as a tool - to empower those who have been victims of Domestic Violence, regain their dignity and most of all - the joy of living again.